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Project Roadmap


This Roadmap reflects the current prioritization the team is pursuing in order to deliver high quality and engaging gameplay for our holders. It is meant for the purpose of transparency and may change to adjust to emergent conditions among holder feedback, tokenomics, macro conditions, development constraints, and partnerships.

This Roadmap is a living document and will change. Our higher commitment is to deliver features and functionality with each and every seasonal game loop.

Prelude - phase 1 (DONE)

Mint Lost SamuRise collection

  • Mint
    • L1
    • 5,000 free
    • 5,000 paid
    • 600 reserved for the Lost SamuRise team
  • Implement Staking functionality
    • Stake them on L1 and experience the Lost SamuRise metaverse on L2
  • Implement Non-Escrow Staking
    • ERC-721 NES, or Non Escrow Staking, is a novel implementation of a staking model that does not require the owner of a token to lock it into an escrow contract. During the staking period, staked tokens becomes non transferrable while remaining in their owner's wallet. In this paradigm, the owner of a token has zero exposure to the risk of a staking contract being compromised. It is truly non-custodial in nature.

Prelude - Phase 2 (DONE)

Claim Land, Sword, and other Role based NFTs

  • Claim your Land
    • After the announced snapshot, you can claim 1 Land per wallet (erc-721) that had at least 1 SamuRise. Careful with distribution because your chance for a rare DOJO only increases with the greater number of SamuRise in that wallet.
    • A map of Tengoku is displayed to give your Land a sense of location within a Province and the Faction it belongs to
  • Claim your Sword and Discord role NFTs
    • Grab a sword per SamuRise in your wallet, and if you have one of two rare Discord roles (Zen Master & Master Trainer), claim their NFts.
  • Implement Quests functionality
    • Introduce user experience and contracts for quest completion and receiving a reward. Users receives a sword and land NFT, as well as NFTs for any roles they achieved during our pre-launch marketing process.
  • Implement the “PFP Configurator” functionality
    • Allows a Samurai holder to alter the appearance of their PFP by equipping different items to it

Year 1 Season 1: Spring

Introduce first of SamuRise worker Actions

  • Sanctuary Ritual to claim one Land for your Faction
  • Minting of SamuRise on L2 and staking to prepare for Actions interface
  • Introduce in-game medium of exchange $BUSHO (erc-20)
    • $Busho will accrue to staked SamuRise owners in a similar manner to $Magic and using boosted veSamuRise when available (only claimable via P2E actions in-game)
  • SamuRise can be set to work in one of 2 initial Action types
    • Farm for $GOHAN (erc-1155)
    • Train for $CHIKARA (erc-1155)
  • Planned Treasure Integration
    • Some SamuRise actions can be paid for with a combinatin of $Busho and/or $Magic
  • Master Yield Pool Dashboard
    • Website dashboard will show your currently staked SamuRise and accrued $Magic

Year 1 Season 2: Summer

Introduce remaining SamuRise worker Actions

  • SamuRise can now engage in the final 2 Action types
    • Produce for #Materials (erc-1155)
    • Quest for in-game items and NFTs
  • Planned Treasure Integration
    • Additional SamuRise actions can be paid for with a combinatin of $Busho and/or $Magic
  • Land is now mintable for $Magic
    • Land can be minted into a chosen faction towards a cap of 1111 per province and 3333 per Faction
  • Master Yield Pool Dashboard
    • Claim $Magic function is available at this time
  • Implement worker tokens (erc-1155)
    • Worker tokens are utility tokens and gamefi primitives, allowing abstraction of a “board game” type mechanic
    • Worker tokens are only mintable by approved “partner collections” into erc-1155 tokens that are tradeable on the Treasure marketplace
    • Worker tokens can replace a SamuRise with the Farm and Produce (later) actions at a 10 to 1 efficiency trade-off

Year 1 Season 3: Fall

Introduce L2 Staking Options & Introduce Faction Orders

  • L2 Staking options are released
    • Website interface will allow each SamuRise owner to boost their veSamuRise by locking their tokens across different time periods (1 wk, 2 wk, 3 wk, 1 mon, 2 mon, 3 mon, 4 mon (1 game yr), 1 yr
  • Planned Treasure Integration
    • #Treasures sorted by Tier can contribute to Faction BUILD Order as a substitution for in-game #materials
    • Use Genesis Legions as Senseis to allow SamuRise to train beyond lvl 6
  • Faction Dashboard
    • Show Faction dashboard with statistical data on current accumulation rates of #materials and $GOHAN
  • Implement governance features for Master Tacticians
    • Introduce an electoral process both for the nomination and voting of 5 Faction Council members who will possess 3 of 5 multi-sig access to issue encrypted Orders into the website's Faction Interface
  • Introduce the Faction Order mechanics to allow the Purification to begin
    • BUILD an iconic building (Castle, Temple, Theatre) to purify their land
  • Website Faction interface
    • Faction Order interface is created for council to issue encrypted multi-sig Orders for each Province

Year 1 Season 4: Winter

Faction ORDERs are completed & Winter is coming

  • Introduce the Faction Order mechanics to complete the Seasonal Game Loop
    • ATTACK neighboring Province and interrupt their BUILD or steal resources
    • SABOTAGE a Province and steal their resources or undermine their BUILD Order
    • SUPPLY a neighboring Province and help them fend off attack
  • Planned Treasure Integration
    • Essence of Starlight can imbue your sword with the mark of 1 of 5 schools for a PFP upgrade and possible in-game utility (bonus to your Strength level)
    • Auxiliary Legions can be hired as mercenaries to aid in the ATTACK Order component of the Faction wargame
  • Complete the Winter game season
    • Settle Revolts in Provinces that couldn't feed their workers
    • Increase competitive advantage by Introducing various Emperor given awards for out-competing enemy factions
    • Winning faction is granted Shogunate Title for 1 game year loop and gains a better emission rate for the next season