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Metaverse Layer

The Metaverse Layer is where identity and experience converge. It is the frame of your interactions and interpretation within a given context. In this case, the Lost SamuRise game.

Lost SamuRise

The Lost SamuRise is a blockchain game you experience through the lens of a Samurai who has been banished from their homeland, REPLACE_NAME_OF_HOMELAND. REPLACE_NAME_OF_HOMELAND has been overrun by pillagers who have ransacked vast hoardes of sacred artifacts important to the Samurai. The overarching theme in the game is their quest to purify their corrupted homeland.


CHIKARA is an attribute of a Genesis Samurai token that indicates its strength. CHIKARA increases while your Samurai is staked, and varying levels of CHIKARA are required to perform actions in game:

  • Equip gear with higher requirements
  • Unlock new Quests
  • Initiate phases of the Land purification process

Buffs, Consumables, and Loot

Certain tokens within the game mechanics can alter the way gameplay is experienced. For example:

  • Equip different gear to your Samurai and alter the metadata and appearance of your token.
  • Consume (burn) a potion that increases your odds at finding rare loot.
  • Find rare that gives a bonus to the rate at which CHIKARA increases.