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Guiding Principles

Chain Agnostic

Being chain agnostic encompasses a broader vision of Web3 inclusivity that empowers NFTs with the opportunity to navigate the metaverse, through narrative as well as through technology. Individual tokens or entire collections can choose to board our composable lifeboats, traverse across the channels with ease, and land on distant shores that provide immediate integration and utility.

We want to build a generic framework for onboarding L1 communities to L2 on-chain experiences, unlocking the ability to provide a hands-off onramp. Lost SamuRise isn’t just a Samurai-themed metaverse - it is a passport into a growing list of gaming experiences.

Social Coordination

The Lost Samurise represents an experiment in social coordination that combines economics with the more intangible social property of ‘fun’. This is a DeFi protocol with a gaming wrapper that seeks to disengage the player from making strictly economic decisions - a weakness among current NFT collections. For a well articulated point of view, we support and actively promote the Proof of Imagination thesis proposed by the Treasure team in the article Founders' Long-Term Vision for Treasure Project.

Humans are a social species, and we tend to derive the most enjoyment from engaging in group play. Our game design has taken the bold step to feature this principle of interaction directly into the Lost Samurise lore and mechanics as a primary mechanism. The game theory involved around inter-factional tension and competition, creates a dynamic that rewards coordination over solo play. We believe that individuals will pay a higher premium to buy into this shared experience, and to associate themselves, via identity, with one of three factions that rule Tengoku.


Homo narrans is the story-teller ape, and we relate through narrative and shared experience. Lost SamuRise will grant the right to preserve history in the hands of the Factions. Since we cannot predict the outcome of the game from season to season, the rich fabric of legend will grow with each new accomplishment and conquest. The winning faction will have the added privilege, as all victors do, of carving their tale into the bedrock of the chain itself.

We want our holders to be absorbed by metaphor and narrative, and too distracted to worry about floors or bear markets. Creating enduring experiences through engaging group play also creates loyalty and a stickiness that cannot be bought. Mercenary capital will look for lower effort protocols to hunt for yield, while we reap the rewards.

Composability (SamuRise and Treasure)

SamuRise need a home in the widening metaverse. The strong affinity between our vision and that of the Treasure team made this an obvious choice. Metcalf’s Law suggests that the value of a network is proportional to the square of its users. Having a highly composable layer of resources in the form of $Magic and #Treasures offered us the immediate opportunity to contribute to the economic flywheel currently being built around Bridgeworld. Participating in a decentralized metaverse that relies on community adoption is the key to truly explosive scale, and we want to have a positive impact on how this space emerges and grows.

Our contribution is to focus on the composability of cross-chain interoperability for lore and game integration. We are the loom of the metaverses, weaving threads of any colour and from any source, into a tapestry whose invisible hand guides the story telling (nod to A. Smith). Idling or abandoned NFTs can now enter the GameFI financial instruments built by Treasure, and traversed via our bōtos.