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Game Roles

Game Theory works well in an environment that possesses many options for gameplay and scarce resources to do it with. This optionality is critical for enriching experiences, but we also want to be mindful of our role as a gameFI protocol, and rewarding everyone for their engagement and dedication. By doubling down on the element of social coordination, by providing a platform and design for intense factional competition. We can't wait to observe each faction self-organizing and coordinating around a common set of goals - to have fun and to reap the economic rewards.

1. Solo Play

If you don't have the time to commit to active gameplay, no worries, we will be providing an engaging experience through existing mechanics to instead focus on the progression of your SamuRise as well as their PFP customizations. Or perhaps you'd like to just play the markets and capitalize on arbitrage opportunities with the various tokens that can be yielded in-game.

2. Faction Play

If on the other hand you have a desire to join your Faction in its struggle to purify your lands, exploit the weakness of your enemies, and work towards a common and shared goal of conquest and glory. Well then, Faction play is for you. Your rewards are slightly better than solo play because we want to give this aspect of gameplay a slight advantage to ensure the right degree of engagement.

3. Faction Leadership

Maybe you aspire to more and you want to become a leader within your faction. We are planning to create a multi-sig governance structure to allow for the nomination, voting, and Ordering interface for these leaders to hopefully set their faction on the path to victory. This is a heavy responsibility because you are representing the voices of 3333 SamuRise. How will you share strategies? How will you achieve consensus? When plans go awry, do you have a way to evolve quickly? Can you find the spies in your midst? These are the questions you will be faced with in a typical game loop.

4. Guild Play

Finally we have the Master Tacticians. The 47 Ronin unto which we entrust the honour of managing the Treasury to maximize the yields for all SamuRise to enjoy. The core team has no desire to do so, and our cumulative intelligence can never match the wisdom of crowds and the deadly precision with which our tacticians will deliver their strategies.