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The land of Tengoku is far more extensive than the rice paper sketch scribes have managed to capture thus far. What we know is that the contested part is divided into 9 Provinces around the Emperor's home of Kyoto. Three Provinces are in control of each Faction. (see Map legend for details) enter image description here

Land Logic Each Province is in turn divided by Land assets, up to a maximum of 1111, or 3333 per Faction. Only 1 Land can be productive per Ethereum wallet address, as long as they successfully completed the "Sanctuary Quest", which permanently assigns that Land parcel to a Faction. This Land becomes your Homeland ('Zaisan').

Provincial Borders The borders between provinces will play a more important role during the Faction phase of the game. Direct military conflict in the form of an 'Attack' Order can only be executed across a border between warring Factions. The map above is organized for balanced gameplay and each Faction has an equal number of connections to enemy Factions.