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Game Guide Introduction

The Lost SamuRise is a faction based strategy game played in the fictional world of Tengoku ('Heaven') that borrows lore and stylistic elements from Samurai bushido culture in classical Japan. Our GameFi protocol is designed to be interoperable across the entire Ethereum-L2 ecosystem, but we have chosen to enter Arbitrum and join Treasure’s emerging metaverse as part of our initial phase of delivery.

SamuRise builds upon the existing P2E concepts by innovating further into the design elements of inter-factional board game like mechanics to amplify social coordination, risk based decision trade-offs applied to asset scarcity, and providing utility to abandoned NFT collections looking for a lifeline.

The Goal

As warlords in Tengoku, you recently escaped from the Rift ('Bogai') into a desecrated land that has been abandoned by the Gods for millennia. Three genesis Factions have organized across the collection of SamuRise to engage in the resource war that will keep Tengoku on the brink of annihilation for many years to come. The most successful Faction will earn the right to become the Shogunate, and the most powerful SamuRise will ascent to become Shoguns and celebrated for generations as legends of the land.

To succeed, a player will be required to work the land for valuable and scarce resources. These resources are used to train in the way of Bushido, support your Faction armies and their strategic ambitions, and finally, to develop your realm by building castles, temples, and theaters. The Shogunate will be awarded to the Faction that demonstrates guile, creativity and boldness for each game Year. The end-game for the 1st season is to build all 3 iconic building types on each of the 3 provinces belonging to a Faction (for a total of 9). Only in this manner will you purify the land for your people, and reverse the decay and rot emanating from the Rift that has poisoned Tengoku for millennia.