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Season - 🟩 Faction Orders

The ruling council for each Faction has up to the end of the Season to enter their Orders through the multi-sig web interface. Earlier submission of these Orders will marginally improve the odds of success to create incentive for aggressive and highly focused social coordination among the Faction members and council.

  1. Attack: attack an enemy Province and loot possessions if successful
  2. Sabotage: undermine enemy Faction's orders, steal resources, delay purification
  3. Build: build one of 3 iconic monuments per Province to purify the Land
  4. Supporting: support neighboring Province engaged in an Attack Order, or help defend
  5. Tribute: adjust Tribute levels for #Chikara, #Gohan and #materials

(additional details to be revealed)

Order: Attack

Order: Sabotage

Order: Build

Order: Support

Order: Tribute