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Asset Classes

LSR features 6 distinct asset class categories, and each plays a critical role in establishing the tokenomics balance within the game and within the greater Treasure ecosystem. These asset pillars are represented on-chain and in-game. enter image description here

Value Tokens

  • Primary Issuance: $Busho is earned daily via a boosted veSamuRise score for every SamuRise token you have minted on L2 Arbirtrum. $Magic was converted from $Eth earned in the initial mint and immediately deposited to a multi-sig wallet for the Guild Treasury.
  • Yield logic:
        - 10 $Busho is yielded per day for each SamuRise minted on L2
    - $Magic is yielded for all Staked SamuRise on L1 and is proportional to the percentage of the collection you own
  • Utility: Used to pay for core SamuRise actions on Homeland

SamuRise Tokens

  • Primary Issuance: Minted/purchased on Ethereum L1 and then performed the "Escape the Bogai" quest to mint on L2 for access to gameplay
  • Utility: Used to perform core SamuRise actions on Homeland and the main form of governance in the LSR metaverse

Worker Tokens

  • Primary Issuance: Collections staked (locked) on Ethereum L1 and minted as a new erc-1155 collection on L2
  • Utility: Used to substitute SamuRise by putting these workers to use on the Land with Farm and Produce actions to scale your #Gohan and #materials yields

Tengoku Estates

  • Primary Issuance: Claim from snapshot on L2 and future mints
  • Utility: Required for all production actions (farm #Gohan, train #Chikara, produce #materials) once it has completed the "Sanctuary Quest" and becomes your Zaisan for a chosen Faction


  • Primary Issuance: Various yield types from working SamuRise on Homeland
  • Yield logic: Yield rates are relative to level of your production facility (farm, dojo, and mine)
  • Utility: Necessary to train your SamuRise and Dojo, feed your armies, and acquire the materials to purify the Land by building iconic monuments within each Province (Theatre, Castle, Temple)


  • Primary Issuance: Earned via questing, Factional performance, crafting or community accomplishments
  • Utility: Rare items increase value of Land (totems) and PFP (equippables), and consumables are used for temporary game buffs

TODO: add item utility and slots here