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Season - 🟥 Worker Placement Actions

SamuRise Worker Placement Actions are the core of the game. Resources required to purify Tengoku can only be gathered by putting your SamuRise to work on the Land. There are 4 categories of resources that can be accumulated through various actions.

All Actions are paid for in $Busho, but to increase the odds of a better outcome, $Magic can be spent as an additional and optional wager. SamuRise Production

  1. Training: yields #Chikara and #Bushido cards
  2. Farming: yields #Gohan
  3. Produce: yields #materials (#Wood, #Iron, #Copper, #Silver, #Gold, Bridgeworld #treasures)
  4. Questing: yields #equippables, #totems, #consumables

Action: Train

Training your SamuRise yields the critical resource for increasing your Dojo's Level - #Chikara. An improved Dojo allows your SamuRise to level up, increasing rarity and contributes higher combat power to your Faction when fighting the enemy.

CostTimeBase YieldBonus YieldDie Roll
40 $Busho4 days10 #Chikara0-3 Bushido Cards2d6

#Chikara Production Probabilities

You are always guaranteed an outcome of 40 #Chikara, but the trade-off you are allowed to consider is to try your luck for more Bushido Cards. If you fail to get a Card however, your Chikara production rate will increase slightly. A full set of 8 Bushido Cards are necessary to attract a Sensei to your Dojo, allowing you to build your Dojo into the Black levels.

Bushido Cards

Currently there are only two uses for #Chikara. The graphic below can be used as a reference for the Kyu Test and the Build Dojo quests

enter image description here

enter image description here

QuestCostTimeRewardBonus RewardDie Roll
Kyu Test100 $Chikara4 daysLevel SRLevel SR >11d6

The Kyu Test Quest is the primary method for increasing the level of your SamuRise. You have the option to Burn #Bushido cards to improve the probability of succeeding, and possibly gaining 2 levels.

enter image description here

Burning additional #Bushido Cards (up to 5) improves the probability of having an extremely good training outcome and levelling up twice. This also increases the probability that you will have some of the cards returned to you. Possession of the equipped item Golden Fude will provide a -1 to all Die Rolls.

enter image description here

Build DOJO100+ $Chikara4 daysLevel DOJO

Building your DOJO is a required upgrade for your SamuRise to increase in level, because they cannot exceed your current DOJO color. The base cost for most upgrades is 100 #Chikara, with exceptions for your first Black DOJO, and the final Shogun Level (Black-10).

enter image description here

Your first Black DOJO level will require that a Sensei is available on your Land. Burning a full set of 8x #Bushido Cards will attract a Sensei to your Land. Each successive Black level requires an additional #treasure to be staked. The final 'Shogun' DOJO will necessitate 2900 #Chikara, a Sensei (8x #Bushido Cards), and 10 #treasures from Bridgeworld.

Progressively burning #Bushido Cards into your DOJO increases the rate of #Chikara production according to the following schedule.

enter image description here

Action: Farm

Farming the Land yields #Gohan. These rice stores can be bought and sold on the open marketplace, used to build up your Farm Level, or provided to your Faction to support the resource war raging across Tengoku. #Workers from Lifeboat collections can also participate in this action, allowing SamuRise to engage in more critical actions such as the Kyu Test.

CostTimeBase YieldWorker YieldDie Roll
40 $Busho4 days10 #Gohan1 #Gohan2d6

(additional details to be revealed)

Action: Produce

Producing on your Land yields resources that will be utilized by your Faction to construct the iconic monuments that will help to purify the Land. Each of the 3 monuments types, Theatre, Temple, and Castle, will have different build recipe requirements.

(additional details to be revealed)

Action: Quest

(additional details to be revealed)